Breaking Bad Online: Say My Name

Say My Name

Walter, Jesse and Mike meet with Declan, without the methylamine. Walter suggests that he cook for them, while they take a 35% cut and pay off the $5,000,000 to Mike. Jesse still wants to quit cooking meth after he has seen so much bloodshed and, after a dispute, Walter eventually lets him leave but is not willing to pay Jesse any of the "dirty money" he has earned. Meanwhile Hank has been told to end his pursuit of Mike, so instead he follows the lawyer, David, who is laundering Mike's money. David gives in to the DEA, but Walter finds out and warns Mike, who tells him to get the emergency getaway bag he left at the airport. When they meet, Walter demands that Mike tell him the names of the nine people in prison whose silence Mike has been paying for. Mike refuses to meet Walt's demand, so Walter shoots him using a gun he found in Mike's bag. Mike appears to escape, but Walt finds him. He then realizes aloud that he could have gotten the names from Lydia, and apologizes to Mike, who asks Walt to "let him die in peace". Within a few moments, Mike dies and falls to the ground.

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