Breaking Bad Online: Crawl Space

Crawl Space

Jesse drives Mike and Gus to a clandestine medical clinic; prearranged by Gus, who is brought to a full recovery, but Mike must stay there for a week. Gus tells Jesse he can run the lab now, but Jesse tells him not to kill Walt. Ted refuses to take the money from Skyler; desperate, she calls Saul. Gus visits Hector again, telling him Don Eladio and his crew are all dead before showing him Jesse, who killed Hector's grandson and last relative Joaquin; Hector still refuses to look at Gus. Walt drives Hank to scope out the depot again but, en route, Hank tells him to go to an industrial laundry he's linked to Gus and Gale. Walt, panicking that he'll find the meth lab there, pulls into oncoming traffic, causing an accident and giving Hank whiplash. Saul's henchmen visit Ted and force him to write a check to the IRS but then Ted tries to flee, tripping over a rug and crashing headfirst into a counter. Walt realizes someone's been cooking in the lab, goes to Jesse's house, and begs him for help, saying Gus will kill him if Jesse replaces him. Jesse spurns Walt, and Gus's henchmen stun-gun him, driving him to the desert, where Gus tells Walt he's fired. Walt retorts that Gus can't kill him because Jesse won't let him. Gus says he'll now take care of Hank and, if Walt interferes, his family will die. Walt rushes to Saul and gets the number of a man who'll help him and his family "disappear"; he tells Saul to tip off the DEA about a hit on Hank. When Walt gets home and goes down into the crawl space, he finds there's not enough money for disappearing; Skyler tells a frenzied Walt that she gave it to Ted. Walt, in disbelief, starts laughing hysterically as Skyler, horrified, takes a call from Marie about sudden police-protection of Hank after there was a tip that the cartel's gunning for him.

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