Breaking Bad Online: Thirty-Eight Snub

Thirty-Eight Snub

Walt illegally buys and begins carrying a Snubnosed revolver but Mike soon tells Walt he'll never see Gus again. Jesse, in an attempt to distract himself from having murdered Gale, buys an elaborate stereo system and throws an ongoing party with Badger and Skinny Pete. Hank continues to push Marie away. Skyler attempts to buy the car wash but the owner angrily refuses. Walt goes to Gus's home, presumably to kill him, but receives a call from Tyrus telling him to go home. Walt later follows Mike to a bar, tells Mike that he might be in danger as well, then asks Mike to get him in a room with Gus and Walt will "do the rest". Mike punches Walt, kicks him twice on the floor, then leaves. Badger and Skinny Pete leave Jesse following a binge of partying at his house. Jesse sits alone in front of one of his speakers, visibly distraught.

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