Breaking Bad Online: Problem Dog

Problem Dog

After Skyler tells Walt she's negotiated the return of the car to the dealership, Walt, angry, drives the Challenger to a parking lot near the airport, burns donuts and crashes into a parking block, then stuffs the ownership papers in the gas tank, lights them afire, and blows up the car. Saul covers up the outburst, which costs Walt $52,000. When Walt drops off more than $250,000—his fortnightly take—to Skyler, she's stunned by the amount, unsure how she'll launder his meth-lab earnings (over $7 million annually) through their car wash. Walt convinces Jesse to kill Gus and concocts a ricin poison in the lab that Jesse then hides in one of his cigarettes. At the sitdown with the cartel, though, Jesse hesitates and doesn't add the poison to the coffee he makes for Gus. The sitdown involves only a flat ultimatum from the cartel, rejected by Gus. Jesse returns to the 12-step group; during his turn, he angrily disagrees with the organizer about not judging oneself, noting he had used the group as potential meth-buyers and recently killed a "problem dog"—believing he should be judged for what he has done. Hank visits Gus's restaurant with Walt Jr. and slyly obtains Gus's fingerprints from a cup, which he uses to confirm that Gus had been in Gale's apartment; he reveals his evidence to his DEA chief, suggesting they now know who's funding Heisenberg.

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